WRR #85 - The Safes/Blackbelts
split 7"
7" record - $4
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After years of hoping it would happen, we're finally putting something out by Chicago's phenomenal rockers The Safes! Lucky for us, their pals the Blackbelts came along for the ride!

This record features two catchy, rockin' songs by each band, sure to knock your socks off or rock your toes off, or some other nonsensical phrase. To drive the point home even further (and incorporate the titles of two of the record's tracks), with this record you can have your "Birthday Cake" and eat it too, and feel completely "Satisfied." Too much? No such thing! (2010)

Track Listing

Here is what losingtoday.com had to say about this record:

Chicago trio The Safes used to be an all-brother group, but now there are just two O'Malleys, with Patrick Mangan stepping in for departed bassist Michael. The novelty of a band made up of brothers is gone, but musically it's business as usual on this five song EP. The Safes are still the best purveyors of 76-77-era punk, eschewing the fashionable image and sloganeering of groups like the Sex Pistols and Sham 69 (as great as those groups are) for the classic pop-songwriting smarts of groups like The Buzzcocks, The Ramones and The Saints, while adding in a healthy dose of Cheap Trick influenced power-pop. The EP may only last 10 minutes, but it provides more memorable melodies and ideas than most bands have on a full-length. The only area for improvement is the O'Malley brothers' production. The band have handled production themselves on previous releases and got the most bang possible for their buck, but Double Single sounds too rough, with kick drum and bass bearing the brunt of the bad sound. Even if it's not perfect, it still rocks in a way that few other bands do these days.
David Mandorf

Here is what Roctober Magazine had to say about this record:

Wow. Hearing a single this mindblowing by two local Chicago bands I've barely paid attention to makes me feel like I'm so out of the loop I can't see the loop. The Safes' snotty, angular power pop is kind of sinister despite the sweet-assed hooks. Blackbelts are doing slightly trashy 50s/60s sock hop/frat pop which is what every band in the world should be doing, obviously. You will wear this records grooves down to dust.

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