Here is what we do:

Basically, we help bands we like and/or want to support put out their music. We've mainly put out CD-Rs and 7-inch records, but we're now venturing into putting out regular pressed CDs. We would put out more regular CDs, but that is expensive and we have very little money. Here's how it usually works:

The band records an album/record. The band designs artwork (or we can) and we put our label information on it. (For CD-Rs, we burn, print, copy, cut, fold, and assemble the CDs; For regular CDs/records, we send out the artwork and music to be professionally printed and packaged.) Then we sell the finished product to the band at a low cost. The band can sell their copies for however much they want. We sell all our CD-Rs for $6 postage paid and real CDs/LPs for $10. We sell our 7-inch records for $4. (All prices are postage paid, of course.)

We try to promote most of our releases by sending promos to zines for review and to radio stations to be played on cool radio shows. We also send out ads with every order we get and to zines and other places.

That is basically how it works. We don't make much (if any) money. What money we do make goes back into making more CDs, records, etc.... We are not about money. We only do this because we like music and want to support the bands we like. For a band that wants a label to make them famous or give them money, we're not a good choice. Thanks,
-WRR Staff

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